red rose in snow with words "song lyrics and meaning"

Song Lyrics

In one cold winter, when snow was falling, there came a lady, whose voice was calling. She chose a poor one to spread her message, a gift of flowers, blossoms of hope.

She gave him roses, petals from heaven sprouted from her love, grown in her heart. She brings us roses, sign of protection, clothed in her promise of lasting prayer.


O blessed Virgin, make us a garden, plant in us God’s word, that Jesus may reign. Santa Maria, pray for the Spirit, gather your harvest, de las rosas de mi.

We share God’s roses as we hold each hand, so sweet the fragrance, so tender to touch. We are God’s roses, bouquet of Mary, given to Jesus, held by God’s heart.


In night of winter, blossoms are sleeping, the poor are crying, for justice weeping. We must bring roses to ease their burden, Santa Maria: we answer your prayer.


Song Meaning

Las Rosas de Maria is a song of hope. The first two verses of the song tell the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and her message to Juan Diego in December, 1531. The Blessed Virgin Mary promised her protection and prayers to all peoples. Her prayers are with each of us today – all we need to do is ask.

The refrain asks the prayers of Mary to make us a garden of God’s word, so that Jesus may be the king of our hearts. We ask Mary, who conceived Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit, to ask the Spirit to conceive Jesus in our thoughts, words and actions. We ask Mary to gather the harvest of “my roses” – the good that we do for others.

The third verse is an identity verse about us. We are God’s roses. God created each person with majestic beauty and a sweet fragrance. We belong to one another, like a bouquet of roses. That bouquet is given to Jesus and held by God’s heart.

The fourth verse is about God’s call to make things good and right in our lives and in the lives of others. The “night of winter” and “blossoms are sleeping” refers to the dark and troubling times that many people live in today. The poor – those who are ill, separated by hate and division, without food, shelter, clothing, home or love – are crying for help – for justice. Our call is to ease their burden by words and acts of love and kindness. We pray the Hail Mary and ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to “pray for us now and at the hour of death.” We bring the answer to Mary’s prayers for others through our care and concern for other people.